Unleash your social content

Have you ever imagined all your content - videos, pictures and texts - from all your social media being shown on your own TV channel?

With OOZO your posts will be the stars of the show. That amazing comment on Facebook, that beautiful picture in Instagram and even the check-ins of all who stopped by.

It can be on the office wall, integrating with the environment. In the waiting room, encouraging people to interact. Or on the outside, to get a bunch of followers.

Communicate who you really are, interact with your audience and give LOADS of visibility to all your social media.

I want to know more.

is just around the corner

In Berlin, second house of the Digital Tailoring - The one that signs the project and commemorates its 10 years in 2013 - was also where OOZO spent a long period of time under tests under the enriching Germanic influence.

The experience also took place in Betahaus, an important space of collective work. In there, we tested OOZO during the whole of 2012.
As time went by, even the Germans, and let's be honest, who are not the most open people, managed to learn how to express themselves a little bit. Then some job vacancies, offers and a lot of networking started to appear.

But after a lot of cold weather and luggage, we arrived in Brazil, the country of social media. A unique ready to go system with capacity of an absurdly quick catchment. OOZO has the awesome power to promote interaction, networking and, most of all, visibility to the world of social media.

Willkommen OOZO.TV !

How does it work?

Easier to post comments than Facebook

In order for OOZO to work, you don't need much, really. All you need is a decent size screen. A computer connected to the Internet. And off course, great content.


This is really up to you. It can be your computer screen or your TV. The important here is that it meets your needs, and offers good visibility.


The minimum requirements are 2 mbps to run smoothly.

Social media

Here, content is the most important thing, after all, the main goal is visibility. If you need any help, you can count on us.

In practice!

Up to this point we have seen the theory but, now you can test how it actually works!

Go ahead, give it a go!

Plug'n Play

Just the way you want... really!

Every 15 minutes, OOZO opens up a space between the programming. Be it advertising, philanthropic or personal. You decide!

Everything is custom made and your program is unique! Considering that, who would not want to advertise in such a unique channel? OOZO allows everything, from adverts of the missing dog, to the big corporations. You can choose!

Watch the video

What do you mean?

In this program break, the advert can last from 15 to 30 seconds. And it can be in any format you want: images, videos or text.

Have a look:




I want it!.
What next?

There are two options available for you to choose the one that suits you best. And if you don't like any of them, we can find a way that you will be happy with.

For Geeks

For those who know how it works. Do you know how everything works, you don't need anyone's help? Not a problem! We provide the signal and the long distance support.


CPU: 700MHz
GPU: 1Gpixel/s, 1.5Gtexel/s, Open GL
RAM: 512MB
Video Output: 1080p


Bandwidth: 2Mbits

For Dummies

If you don't know where to start, we can help. With this plan, all you have to do is ask. We go to your location and we set up the whole structure, and we leave everything ready to go!

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