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Bring together all your social media accounts to a single place and transform your content into TV programs

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You can register with OOZO with your email, Facebook or Twitter accounts. Then, you tells us a little bit about yourself, choose the plan that most fits your needs, add your social media and start using it!


You choose the hashtag and our robots will do the entire search! It can be the name of your business, of your blog, your event…You choose and we’ll monitor and deliver everything that we find so you can analyze and choose.


We want to ensure you have complete control over the content that goes to your TV! So thinking about that, all captured posts from third parties will only be directed to your schedule once you have authorized them. This is how we avoid any undesirable posting.

It has never been easier to have your own TV channel

To get OOZO in your TV you don’t need much

A computer with Windows operational system (XP, 7, 8 or 10) Ubunto 12+ or any Mac version

A display, which can be a TV, screen, LED panel or a projector

Compatible cables from the computer to the display

Internet connection of at least 5 Mbps

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